We’re nominated!

We’re happy to share with you that Faking An Imperfect Utopia has been nominated for this year’s edition of Deutscher Jazzpreis! 

If you wanna learn more about the album and its composition process, you can listen to MDR radio show Jazzlabor here (in German)

or read some more here

Lisa Hoppe, la parfaite utopie imparfaite – sur Citizen Jazz

and here

Lisa Hoppe’s YSOP – „Faking An Imperfect Utopia“ (wismART, 2023) (theupbeatdeadbeat.blogspot.com)


Bienvenue, YSOP

Dear people,

this fall will have a lot of firsts and premiers. I’m excited to announce the release of the first album of Lisa Hoppe’s YSOP on October 6th, 2023. It goes by the simple name of Faking An Imperfect Utopia and is just around the corner. Can’t wait to have a listen? Then check out our first single Bienvenue, Les Affligeants on Youtube (or streaming service of your choice), but I recommend to have the full experience and watch it with the beautifully animated video by Dana Roth:


In other news, this fall I’ll be starring in Eine Niere hat nichts mit Politik zu tun, which premiers at Maxim Gorki Theater on September 28th. 

Hope to see you around!



The Art Of The Alien – live in Berlin & Hamburg!

A dream so bold is coming true – this spring Third Reality will join forces with film maker Odelia Toder to create a project extraordinaire named The Art Of The Alien.

A silent movie in black and white, shot in three different countries, with live music from the dimension-bending sci-fi chamber music trio will be premiered on April 12th in Kiezkapelle in Berlin (click here for event). 

While writing this we are still deep in the production, but I can tell you as much: what makes one an alien? Who is othered, who can claim belonging and which details will give one away? Your green slimey paws? Your accent? Your lack of knowledge on how to…? 

And of course we’re bringing the show home to Hamburg on April 13th – find as at our favourite spot in Bergedorf: White Cube (click here for more info!).

So excited to see you and celebrate with you the first two screenings!

Slowly emerging.

Hello, good people of the internet,

nice to have you back! With the world still upside down, for many of us at least, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel and live shows are coming back. I will be playing here and there around Berlin and Bern, you can check out the dates here.

Also, I am very happy to introduce you to some recordings and remote work that has happened during the lock down this spring:

  • the wonderful Anicia Kohler invited me to play some of her music (listen here), a trio with her and Simon Spiess
  • Pandemic Duets of Stephen Gauci & Lisa Hoppe was released recently! Such an honor to be part of this series which features a myriad of inspiring musicians
  • a bandcamp release of (my personal) all-time favorite band Niculin Janett 4tet feat. Rich Perry presents Mostly Original, which also holds some compositions of mine
  • It been a second, but I didn’t get to mention the duo works with pianist Santiago Leibson called Labyrinth Project – Circular Stories. This one has been so much fun and quite outside of my comfort zones, please treat yourself to some peculiar literature-music-maze

Bye bye, 2020!

This has been a rough year for most of us, and I feel pretty confident to say that self-employed performers, musicians, technicians, engineers etc. have been feeling this crisis enormously. Despite the financial mayhem many of us are facing, we’ve also been unemployed for more than 9 months by now. Not doing the stuff we are very passionate about – our practice, our art. 

Personally, this year and the pandemic have caused many changes in my life, – relocating, starting anew. And I think of the good things as well, the hope and inspiration of the Black Lives Matter Protests, and the love of my partner, my friends & family that has indisputably carried me through. Nevertheless, this year ends for me quietly and sad. 

This website is updated with the recent outputs of mine, although no shows appear on the itinerary – for now.

You can check out here the new album by Esche, released in October 2020. Watch and listen to Third Reality’s latest creation. Or book a workshop on free improvisation with Julia Rüffert’s & my project MIA – for some after-pandemic time in 2021.

Stay sane, safe & healthy everyone!

Summer 2020 – News

New album by Esche:

Unter Und Über Wasser will be released on October 14th!


photo: Florian Spring


This is not the time for live music as we know it – nevertheless, a couple of announcements and music to enjoy! 

  • Right before the pandemic hit: Third Reality recorded & filmed three new songs! Thanks to mastermind Luke Marantz who made them look like something else. You can watch them here
  • Despite closed borders & travel restrictions: We recorded our third album with Esche – it’s called Unter Und Über Wasser and will be released on October 14th on JazzHausMusik. We have a few release shows coming up for this in Germany and Switzerland, so let’s cross our fingers it can happen!
  • First live show in a looooooooong time: on August 20th at Hanseatische Materialverwaltung, Hamburg. With Benjamin Schaefer, Sebastian Gille, Sven Kerschek and Andi Haberl. Socially distanced, of course.

Best Debut 2019: Album is awarded by The New York City Jazz Record

Right before the old decade closed, I received the wonderful news that The Mighty Unlikely appears in the Best Of 2019 list by jazz magazine The New York City Jazz Record in the category best debut! I am especially thrilled to see my name next to these three outstanding bassists and leaders who released their debut albums in 2019 as well.

Album Release: The Mighty Unlikely

Extremely excited and still asking myself how we even got here – but this fall Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality released its first album called The Mighty Unlikely. To be precise, it’s now available (digital & physical) and you will have the chance to see us live in Germany, Switzerland & NYC and get your copy right there.

It’s been a wonderful – sometimes challenging, always rewarding –  process, from putting together this band, writing & recording the music, to mixing, mastering and making it a record. I’m very honored that Cologne-based label JazzHausMusik is on board (and recommend you checking out their other great releases!).


  • David Leon – saxophone
  • Tal Yahalom – guitar
  • Lisa Hoppe – double bass, composition
  • Daniel Bloch – recording, mix & mastering
  • Daniel Menzel – coverart
  • faberludens – graphic design
  • Gaya Feldheim Schorr – picture

And here, a little peek:


Summer 2019

Happy summer !!

And since you’re already here, you might want to find out what’s new…

  • Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality is about to release our debut album in October, followed by a tour through Germany and Switzerland! Check here for dates!
  • Esche is going to play a wonderful little tour in Scandinavia in October! We’re already so excited to see again our friends up there. (dates also here)
  • this picture was taken by the amazing Gaya Feldheim Schorr