Press Quotes:


Michael Bailey in All About Jazz, USA:

„Embedded counterpoint that could have been arranged by Gil Evans“ (about Lisa Hoppe’s composition Alternate End)

Frank Niederhäusern in Kultur-Tipp, CH:

„[Lisa Hoppe] besticht nicht nur durch multistilistische Vielfalt. Die Bassistin verfügt über ein stupendes Timing, […] zugleich betörend frisch und erstaunlich reif.“

AJ Dehany in London Jazz News, UK:

„Double bassist Lisa Hoppe’s muscular playing recalls the propulsive energies of Tom Herbert and Ruth Goller“

Freier Schweizer, CH:

„Incredible virtuosity, fascinating sounds“

About Esche:


Troy Dostert in All About Jazz (USA), April 2018:

„A dedicated and accomplished collective […] the result is both beautiful and slightly unsettling at the same time“

Mike Jurkovic in All About Jazz (USA), June 2018:

„The Poet Speaks is a graceful, romantic affair, conjuring moments of restfulness and playfulness“

Christof Thurnherr in Jazz’n’More (CH), May 2018, about Der Dichter Spricht:

„The nine tracks are like an exciting discovery of a long forgotten attic, and in the dusty twilight your phantasy seems to behold fantastic and impossible machines and gadgets.“

JazzThing (GER), June 2018:

„These three young people around 30 definitely want something and are not afraid of taking the risk of exploring“

About Me&Mobi:


Debra Richards in Swiss Music Portal, November 2017:

„[…] Bern-based Me&Mobi burnt it up; a keyboard trio who were warped and utterly engaging, I pictures them playing Taffey’s Snake Pit Bar in Blade Runner.“

London Jazz News, October 2017:

„Their fusion of electronic wizardry with acoustic grounding has a rarely matched potency.“ Agglo):

„Maybe the most adventurous and engrossing album of 2018 so far.“ (about Agglo):

„Agglo is nothing like anything out there.“

„It’s a swarming, buzzing, neon-lit, almost-noir, past-midnight trip. It’s a bit of escapism. It’s fun.“

„It’s a fucking musical mutt! Big ups to the Me&Mobi’s for not giving a fuck and creating a very original batch of music.“


Jim Black, drummer (USA):

„Me & Mobi – An unexpected new twist on the old piano trio format – intriguing, fascinating, unpredictable, mysterious, powerful moods, and grooving. Their music is an unusual and haunting combination of warmth and ice. Something for the ears, something for the mind, and something for the dance floor.“