I offer lessons in double bass, electric bass, composition and improvisation (also online). Some of my main goals in music teaching are listed below. If you would like to study with me or have a question, please feel free to contact me: elisabethhoppe [at] gmx.net

Double bass/Electric bass:

  • developing a realistic and satisfying practice routine
  • deeper understanding of the instrument through connecting imagination/pre-hearing and movement
  • rhythm and time, exploring the role of the bass in the rhythm section (and in music generally)
  • playing with bow, strengthening the left hand, control of intonation and classical repertoire
  • understanding and playing with chord symbols, practical music theory
  • improvisation – solos over chord progressions, over pedals, with or without accompaniment, extended technique  and free improvisation
  • sight-reading
  • the ability of transcribing music (and having a lot of fun!)
  • discovering jazz, blues, folk, improvisation, indie rock, R’n’B, singer/songwriter


Depending on the student’s needs I develop an individual plan for each student. Topics that I like to work with are:

  • Music theory, arrangement rules within certain styles
  • Counterpoint
  • Writing for musicians / specifically for certain instruments 
  • Legible notation and notation software (Sibelius)
  • Transcription and analysis of composers of all centuries
  • Tools for getting unstuck and the creative juices back to flow
  • Composition „psychology“ – putting the inner judge on mute, healthy cycles of feedback, working routines,  how to finish ambitious projects, getting out of comfort zones;


Group workshops/masterclasses for musicians and non-musicians of all levels – check Julia Rüffert’s and my project MIA: