The Art Of The Alien – live in Berlin & Hamburg!

A dream so bold is coming true – this spring Third Reality will join forces with film maker Odelia Toder to create a project extraordinaire named The Art Of The Alien.

A silent movie in black and white, shot in three different countries, with live music from the dimension-bending sci-fi chamber music trio will be premiered on April 12th in Kiezkapelle in Berlin (click here for event). 

While writing this we are still deep in the production, but I can tell you as much: what makes one an alien? Who is othered, who can claim belonging and which details will give one away? Your green slimey paws? Your accent? Your lack of knowledge on how to…? 

And of course we’re bringing the show home to Hamburg on April 13th – find as at our favourite spot in Bergedorf: White Cube (click here for more info!).

So excited to see you and celebrate with you the first two screenings!

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