Album Release: The Mighty Unlikely

Extremely excited and still asking myself how we even got here – but this fall Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality released its first album called The Mighty Unlikely. To be precise, it’s now available (digital & physical) and you will have the chance to see us live in Germany, Switzerland & NYC and get your copy right there.

It’s been a wonderful – sometimes challenging, always rewarding –  process, from putting together this band, writing & recording the music, to mixing, mastering and making it a record. I’m very honored that Cologne-based label JazzHausMusik is on board (and recommend you checking out their other great releases!).


  • David Leon – saxophone
  • Tal Yahalom – guitar
  • Lisa Hoppe – double bass, composition
  • Daniel Bloch – recording, mix & mastering
  • Daniel Menzel – coverart
  • faberludens – graphic design
  • Gaya Feldheim Schorr – picture

And here, a little peek: