Bye bye, 2020!

This has been a rough year for most of us, and I feel pretty confident to say that self-employed performers, musicians, technicians, engineers etc. have been feeling this crisis enormously. Despite the financial mayhem many of us are facing, we’ve also been unemployed for more than 9 months by now. Not doing the stuff we are very passionate about – our practice, our art. 

Personally, this year and the pandemic have caused many changes in my life, – relocating, starting anew. And I think of the good things as well, the hope and inspiration of the Black Lives Matter Protests, and the love of my partner, my friends & family that has indisputably carried me through. Nevertheless, this year ends for me quietly and sad. 

This website is updated with the recent outputs of mine, although no shows appear on the itinerary – for now.

You can check out here the new album by Esche, released in October 2020. Watch and listen to Third Reality’s latest creation. Or book a workshop on free improvisation with Julia Rüffert’s & my project MIA – for some after-pandemic time in 2021.

Stay sane, safe & healthy everyone!